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Be Good Revolutionaries

Sample from soundtrack 

"This manic requiem of misdirected zeal is performed and directed with sharpness and hunger." - Time Out

"The show packs a visceral punch and demands both attention and respect." - What's on Stage.

"What you take away will depend upon what you bring to it, but whatever you take as its meaning it has an irresistible theatricality and physical presence that hold the attention" - British Theatre Review.

"The evening hits peaks with set-pieces of great theatricality." - One Stop Arts

"It establishes a spellbinding atmosphere of surreal menace, and creates many powerful moments and images." - Plays to See.

"As an experience, Be Good Revolutionaries feels intimate, immediate, and at times dangerous.... Be Good Revolutionaries plants seeds in its audience’s minds that will continue to grow long after we have left our seats." - Curtain Up



When will I know when I've grown up?
What does revolution mean to me?
Earth. Lemons. Blood. Memories...

1967. A compound. Somewhere in the jungle... In the hideaway house of a rebel leader's family, we enter a world of rituals and secrets. A stranger knocks on the door and a revolution is born.

BE GOOD REVOLUTIONARIES is about a generation living under  the shadow of legacies and big ideas... BE GOOD REVOLUTIONARIES is about children who revolt. BE GOOD REVOLUTIONARIES is about us.

Digital Dirty Market - Jake Orr's digital investigation of our rehearsal process for Be Good Revolutionaries

Cast & Crew

Alex Britton - Curly
Liam Clark - The Soldier
Citlalli Milan - Dark
Laura O'Toole - Emilia
Juliet Prague - Ana
Francesca Dale - Red
Rebecca Thorn - Rosa / Singer / Musician

Georgina Sowerby - Co-director
Jon Lee - Co-director
Andy Thompson - Producer
Sarah Sansom - Producing consultant
Susan Sowerby - Paintings and Shrines
Christopher Lawley - Designer
Pablo Baz - Lighting Design
Josh Grey-Jung - Sound Design
Rebecca Thorn - Composer
Nick Rye - Additional music
Nick Ward - Sound Operator
Gaspard - Lighting Operator
Oscar Gibbs - The Source

Special Thanks to Rebecca Atkinson-Lord, Rachel Briscoe and all the Ovalhouse team.

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