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BLACK BOX is a powerful, magical, creative game of theatre chance. Each performance experience is unique.

Walk through the red curtains into a world of mystery and chance. Choose from the deck of performance cards and follow the instructions to become part of a live theatrical game! 


Discover secret performance spaces, meditate on ‘audiencing’, pen personal material and watch it transform before your very eyes into live performance, experience provocations and a strange interconnectivity… be possessed.


BLACK BOX invites you to tear up the rule book, swap roles, break conventions, create chaos, make space, share something you’ve never told anyone, keep all your secrets…do something you’ve never done before.

Become a BLACK BOX initiate. Play with the destiny of the performance. Create something completely unique.


We held the first Black Box at Camden People's Theatre, and our second at The Old Library, Burgess Park.... We will be holding another one soon.


Audience response:


“I remember copying someone and singing a song. I loved interacting with people. This event was wonderful - it ended too fast.”


“I really liked the written story we had as a starting point to the game - the ghostly, mad house vibe.  I think it’s very healthy, a way for people to get out of their heads and just be mad for an hour. It was also really interesting to be able to watch as well as participate in the whole process.”


“I remember the random way performers found a rhythm with the music  - and the fun we had! It was great for non-actors like me.”


“Thank you for an eye opening piece of theatre - because people interacted and gave themselves to ‘the game’, the game became real - we all connected with each other for brief seconds. It was a very surreal experience - but I loved being involved in it.”

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