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This is a space for more info, guidelines and some helpful inspirations for participants in our BLACK BOX game taking place as part of Sprint Festival, Camdem People's Theatre March 2015. 


From the 1st March - simple prep will be posted on a regular basis leading up to the performance evening.

To be sure you recieve it, fill in the contact form below and we will also email it to you.

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Friday 20th March at Camden People's Theatre


Be part of our live theatre making game!


BLACK BOX is a powerful, magical, creative game of theatre chance. Each performance experience is unique.

Walk through the red curtains into a world of mystery and chance. Choose from the deck of performance cards and follow the instructions to become part of a live theatrical game! 


Discover secret performance spaces, meditate on ‘audiencing’, pen personal material and watch it transform before your very eyes into live performance, experience provocations and a strange interconnectivity… be possessed.


BLACK BOX invites you to tear up the rule book, swap roles, break conventions, create chaos, make space, share something you’ve never told anyone, keep all your secrets…do something you’ve never done before.

Become a BLACK BOX initiate. Play with the destiny of the performance. Create something completely unique.


First Task - 1st March

Here is a short story that we will use as the starting point for the game. It's called From The Darkness. (Purposely leaving it anonymous at the moment - to see what comes up for you).


Having read it once, take a piece of paper, a pen and a means to time yourself. Write a response to the story for 3 minutes without stopping. This is not an analysis - just a free flow of words, phrases that come to mind in response to the story. Try not to think about what you are writing, do not lift the pen from the paper, or pause to reflect - just keep writing constantly for the full three minutes. You may find that your mind wonders off topic - this is fine - write exactly what comes into your mind - do not censor anything. It may be that in the end, a majority of your writing seems entirely unrelated to the story - that's fine too. This kind of free-write is trying to capture a 'stream of consciousness'.

When the 3 minutes are up, stop, even if you are mid flow. Take a second to reread what you have written. Now, underline a phrase or sentence that stikes you as interesting.



Second Task - 2nd March


We hope you enjoyed the short story! Today's task is to simply list five things you intuit about the narrator of the story. What kind of person are they? What do they dream about? What's a habit they have? A fear? An indulgence? An ambition? etc... 5 short 'facts' about the narrator.


One more thing - can you find an article of clothing that might belong to them - from amongst those that you own, or have access to.




Third Task - 3rd March


"Well, as far as the purchase of grain is concerned, this has been falling ever since the devil appeared at the mill an took off his cap in an elegant greeting. His cap was in three colours: red, white and blue, and on it was embroidered Tour de la Paix...."


What form does your devil take, either personal or political? 

Where and when does it appear? 

Once you've decided, do two things:

1. Create a series of signs or symbols to ward off or celebrate your devil.

2. Create a short dance / series of movements to ward off or celebrate your devil.



Fourth Task - 5th March


Who spits in your milk?

Use your phone to voice record an imagined / fantasy conversation where you tell them exactly what you think of them. 



Fifth Task - 7th March


Create a physicalised walk though imaginary woods at night. - Remember the bats!

(Gestures can be large and small)



Sixth Task - 10th March


Take a few minutes to think about, and then pen a short description of a place that makes you feel safe.

Once you are happy, record yourself speaking this text onto a phone or computer camera.

Once completed - Dropbox me a copy of the file. No longer than 1 minute please.

I will email you all a link to a shared Dropbox folder.


...part two... can you also please Dropbox a copy of your TASK FOUR "Who spits in your Milk?!" voice recording.



Seventh Task - 12th March


"The old woman started to scream but nobody came to see what was the matter. Can one be sure who is screaming and from what ideological position?"


Create 7 different screams from 7 different ideological positions!



Eighth Task - 14th March


Have a think about all the things that have been promised you, but never delievered. Now, set a timer for minute. Try a one minute non-stop talking rant on the subject. 



Ninth Task - 16th March


Thinking once again about the narrator of the story, create a 10 second mime / portrait that addresses the character's memories. You can use objects and garments if you wish.



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