Something About You (makes me want to hurt you)

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"This show is good: inventive, intelligent and interesting... If you're in or near Peckham I recommend you see Something About You, as it's well worth the trip" – Plays to See

"Dirty Market are clearly a serious-minded and seriously inventive company." - Time Out


Set amongst the decayed, stained-glass splendour of rediscovered gem, Asylum Chapel Peckham, Something About You...  fuses theatre, dance and art to take the audience on a journey into a mythic past. Inspired by Electra, this lyrical, comic, sometimes violent piece is a call to action: stop waiting for heroes and take your own authority, if you really want to feel alive.

Cast & Crew

Francesca Dale - Egg
Oscar Gibbs - Pylades
Benedict Hopper - Pony
Tom Harris - Dave
Cecilia Madanes - Id
Stephane Middleton - Brian
Arti Naithani - Shazz
Georgina Sowerby - MK
Anne-Gaelle Thiriot - Myth

Jon Lee - Co-director
Georgina Sowerby - Co-director
Louis Rathborne - Lighting design
Nick Rye - Music composition
Nicola Donithorne - Stage Manager
Fionn Betts - Lighting Operator

Thanks to Dido Hallett & Jo Dennis at the ASYLUM, Caroline Gardens. Click link to find out more:


"You were away for so long and now you're back and it's all going to be okay. Do you remember Daddy teaching you how to fight? Do you remember? Do you? I remember, I remember you putting your little fists up and your face was so fierce and he got in under your guard and gave you a great big punch to the solar plexus, you were rolling around on the floor trying not to howl. Do you remember that?"