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The Hearing Trumpet

Sample from soundtrack 

“a lovingly-made work, exuberant and detailed in its world building” The Stage

“One day on, I still feel like I’ve had the best trip since California Sunshine in the 60s, and I still can’t get the performance out of my head. ” Southwark News

“A wonderful collective experience, beautifully and intricately staged… gloriously frenetic... The Hearing Trumpet embraces the audience and takes them along for the ride, and what a fabulous ride it is too” Theatre Weekly

“Your wild and funny show is imbibed with the true spirit of Leonora.” - Joanna Moorhead (Relation and biographer of Leonora Carrington)

The Hearing Trumpet (in 3 minutes)

This inventive and inspirational novel, written by Carrington in the 1960’s, follows a 92 year-old female protagonist who is having a crisis. Her family, caught up in their complex lives, find the presence of the old lady too much of a burden and want to pack her off to a retirement home. Overhearing their conversation, she begins to doubt her worth or value to the world. However, once at the institution, (a very strange and unexpected place run by despotic religious charlatans), she begins a journey of self-discovery. Accompanied by a wonderful and bizarre cast of kindred spirits, and inspired by a secret history of a pagan goddess, our protagonist finds herself instigating a revolution! The Hearing Trumpet is a surreal adventure story, reminiscent of Alice’s adventures in Wonderland - but darker and more epic! 

Why a theatre adaptation of this story?

The Hearing Trumpet deals with the vulnerable finding their voice and finding enough strength in the collective to rebel. This chimes strongly with Dirty Market’s values. 

Cast & Crew

Mr & Mrs Gambit - Benedict Hopper

Georgina Sykes - Francesca Dale

Marian Letherby - Mayuko Kawai

Carmella Velasquez - Rebecca Thorn

Anna Wertz & Natacha Gonzales - Lizzie Clarke

Taliesin & The Friar - Harry Haynes

Cristabel Burns & Mrs Van Tocht - Shana De Carignac

The Winking Nun - Anne Gaelle Thiriot


Written and Devised by - Jon Lee, Georgina Sowerby, Francesca Dale, Benedict Hopper 


Music composed and performed by - Rebecca Thorn, Ronnie Paris & Nick Rye
Choreography - Anne Gaelle Thiriot
Dramaturgy - David lane

Lighting Design - Gene Giron

Sound & Video Design - Jon lee

Technical support - Ed Trotter

Set & Puppet Design - Bryan Woltjen
Scenic artwork - Susan Sowerby
Carpentry - Phil Meadhurst, Richard

Associate Producer / Stage Manager- Lucie Regan

Production assistant - Joyia Fitch

Very special thanks to our Kickstarter supporters who have helped fund the Unplugged version that will travel to community venues for accessible performances - 

Michelle Man, Hente Sodderland, Sarah Boyd, Stephane Middleton, Alex Froom, Eli Goodman, Debbie Allen, Amanda Ryan, Caroline Langston, Carmel O'Reilly, Simon Weller, Rob Hale, Ruth Hemus, David Roper, Susan Croft, Susan Crisp, Kathleen Stock, Jane Stock, Diana Singh-Roy, Ana Costa

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The Dirty Market Story. Pt 2

The Hearing Trumpet teaser

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