Planning Dark Deeds...

In 2019, we plan to make a new work. We are gathering ideas and plan for a work-in-progress in the spring... Here's a thread from the blog: As a temp I encountered plenty of layers. Each company and office had its own set. A system that worked for them. But coming from the outside, they often seemed bizarre. And sometimes they seemed to be there to deter actual physical communication. "I think the thing is it starts in a really austere grey modern generic office environment.. but as the play progresses when people get up from behind their desks they have tentacles for legs." Donna Haraway: "I remember that tentacle comes from the Latin tentaculum, meaning “feeler,” and tentare, meaning “to f

Collaboration with Dr. Sarah Stock

In 2019, we will be working with Sarah to explore ways of engaging the public with her research into decision making in stressful situations - focusing on childbirth. This Wellcome funded research is a fantastic opportunity for DM. Pregnancy – the BLACKBOX: an interactive performance game exploring how women, their partners, families and healthcare providers deal with uncertainty and come together to make decisions about care in pregnancy. Making treatment decisions in pregnancy is particularly complex. Decisions are often made on a background of internal conflict (between needs of the mother and of the developing baby) and external pressures (strong societal/cultural influences on childbirt

The Rasputin Show

Crazy few days where Georgie directed a staged reading of The Rasputin Show by Michael Almaz at the Southwark Playhouse with The Southwark Elders, Young Company, Visibles and a couple of MA grads from Drama Centre. From Unfinished Histories: The original production was compared in its presentation to jazz and comic strips and loved or loathed for its chaotic creativity; an exploratory piece with a physical and visual language. "The play is not about Russia, not about Rasputin, but about the nature of government. Political power should be shown to be, by its very nature, corrupt, ruthless, vicious and above all - stupid" Michael Almaz The performance is a benefit to raise funds for Unfinished

Possible publication of our Alchemical Adaptations

Here's an extract from our *finger's crossed* soon to be published chapter... The Rabbit Hole And then we came across The Hearing Trumpet, and felt this book was the just the right thing for us. ““There are times,” said Carmella, “when I am clairvoyant. When I saw the trumpet in the flea market I said to myself ‘That is just the right thing for Marian’. I had to buy it at once, I had a premonition.”” (Carrington 2005, p.12) This strange, short novel seemed to synthesise all our material: abject ageing, cults and gurus, show camps and fakery… and a voyage inside. After reading it with the other members of the company, we decided that, for the first time, we would have a go at a formal adaptat

June '17 Trip to Edge Hill Uni for Conference

We made a presentation called, Alchemical Adaptations - here's a link: (we're on from 34.20) After, Harry & Anne-Gaelle gave a short review performance of the Nun's tale:

Black Box Game

BLACK BOX GAMES Coming up in JANUARY '18 we are planning another season of BLACK BOX GAMES. More ambitious! - we've taken on board ideas and feedback from players and are confident this season's game will make for some wonderful entanglements! ​ You don’t need to be a professional actor to play this game, actually you don’t even have to perform to take part… It’s a task game for both introvertsand extroverts: let the cards guide you towards extraordinary encounters and surprising revelations… with some inventive and unusual theatre created along the way! You can join in some online prep or just show up on the day. At The Old Library, 39 Wells Way. SE5 0PX 5pm - 7pm Ticket price: £5 on the do


December 2nd and 3rd Dirty Market are opening their studio and showing artwork, costumes and other made items as part of an open studios weekend for Camberwell Arts Market. Come and join us, to catch up, and to have a look around the exhibits that catalogue all of our past work, charting the DM journey! 11am -6pm, Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd December

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