Diffractive Dramaturgy

Finger's crossed we'll have another published article soon. "In this essay, I offer, as a theatre-maker an exploration of how aspects of posthuman theory, and in particular diffraction as theorised by Donna Haraway (2004) and Karen Barad (2007), can be used as maps, templates, prisms, to develop a diffractive dramaturgy, a way of making and audiencing work in direct response to the challenges emerging in our time. A diffracted perspective speaks to current critical frameworks; it is part of a new materialist world-view. As theatre-makers, we are involved in the business of working together to consciously create collective experiences in response to the personal, political turmoil and ecologi

Orpheus Street

Apologies for being silent for so long... I'm OK and have been working on an idea.  I would like to offer you something and also request your help with its development in exchange. It's called ORPHEUS STREET. https://www.georginasowerby.com/projects Orpheus Street is my title for a personal process that's about discovering and recovering creativity and agency. There will be quite a few manifestations of it with my company Dirty Market, but part of what I want to do is set up a development group for early career actors / artists, so folk can find ways to identify, develop and make their own unique, original work, establish small working groups to hold each other accountable on the journey, an

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